Fuck yeah, Dr. Orpheus!


This is an appreciation blog dedicated to the amazing necromancer (not necrophile) from the Venture Bros.


 Tiny Orpheus and some albinos. :D


all of these faces are from the same episode

this dork is ruining my life


his unnecessary gymnastics are important to me

booksnotyetwritten asked: "But this a lab right? When I file my taxes I can call this a lab? I mean you and I have the same definition for a laboratory right?" "No sir! You define the words as a place to create ABOMINATIONS!!!" Man I love Orpheus.


me too! (old art from 2007. Need to do new Venture stuff soooooon!)


Venture Bros sketchbook has a new undisputed champ. Thanks so, so much @TedNaifeh. #goteamventure


"Look at me, Orpheus. Every major decision I’ve made? Total crap! I fell for a bartender. What was I thinking? Orpheus? They’re all sluts! All of them! Write that down. Never. Date. A bartender."


"Not one good decision. Alchemy? Yeah. Not a surgeon, or a geologist, or something sane? Alchemist!"

"Al, you’re in possession of unique gifts. Every ‘bad’ choice you have made has added to your gifts. In fact, your knowledge is needed at this very moment!"

"I knew it. It’s always something with you. Would it kill you just to stop by for, like, coffee or something?"

deleted scene, “Orb”


i feel like dr. orpheus would be the kind of guy to get jealous when his friends get anon hate and he doesn’t


Orphy and Tatiana

(via 2wizards1wand)

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